Litigators for Major Businesses


All our attorneys have years of experience working at large firms prior to joining us – some of us at the senior and/or management levels. Each of us has a track record of handling highly complex and sophisticated matters successfully.
All our clients are major multinational businesses – and/or their CEOs and other senior executives and directors (in white-collar criminal defense matters). They include some of the world’s largest banks, major accounting firms, multinational trading firms, and large manufacturers in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, and automotive. Some of the world’s largest law firms also call on us to represent their clients on special engagements.
Most of our cases are high-stakes and often high-profile. Our recent matters include white-collar criminal and civil litigation matters involving major banks (some subject of national press coverage), a white-collar criminal defense matter involving FCPA and kick-back allegation against a major medical device manufacturer (settled with federal authorities for over $600 million), and a white-collar criminal defense matter connected to the US-Iran nuclear deal and the presidential pardon of several defendants (subject of intense press coverage).Ou
Our edge is our ability to deliver optimum results with utmost efficiency. Unlike our larger rivals, we do not impose on our attorneys any billable-hour or revenue targets, for such artificial targets can encourage overbilling. Nor do we carry large overhead expenses because they have to be passed on to clients eventually. Our clients will pay for what is needed to accomplish their goals – and for nothing more.