Litigators for Major Businesses

George Socha


George, co-president at ABIKOS and founder and president of Socha Consulting, is acknowledged worldwide as a leading e-discovery advisor and expert focusing on the full range of electronic discovery activities, regularly serving as an advisor and expert witness to corporations, law firms and their clients, and government agencies. After a successful 16-year career as a litigator, for the past decade George has helped define standards and best practices in the e-discovery industry. He led the effort to create and launch EDRM (, which sets the global standard for defining and understanding the e-discovery lifecycle and provides practical frameworks, standards, and resources used to define, guide, and support e-discovery initiatives. George was the co-creator of the Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey, the first survey to focus on e-discovery, which now is Apersee (, a web-based resource designed to help consumers better select e-discovery service and software providers suited to their particular needs. For over 20 years, George has served as an attorney, advisor, and consulting and testifying expert in some of the largest and most significant e-discovery matters to date, as well as assisting clients address more routine e-discovery challenges.